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I, Emma took it upon myself to start another blog but this time with a partner. I love current blog and I want to continue doing it but I fancied something different. So I asked Megan from The Book Addicted Girl. We have talked a lot over Twitter for some time and I asked her and she accepted, yay! We are a blog that does group reviews, features and book graphical art. So without further ado, here are the girls or ladies behind The Girls of YA.
Never Judge a Book by its Cover                                                                            My name is Emma, and most people would know me from Never Judge a Book by its Cover. I have been blogging for more than a year now and absolutely loving it. The whole reason behind my blog was to explore YA and NA books as well as exploring myself through them. It's also another way for me to meet people who have the same passions as mine; reading, like Megan.
I'm an 18 year-old Library Assistant with a passion for books. If you haven't already guessed. I've currently finished college and am now seeking my career journey by starting as a Library Assistant; I'm in charge of the Summer Reading Challenges, Teen/YA section as well as the promotional content of the Libraries through my graphics. During my spare time, I'm also an avid, creative designer, artist, photographer and I love TV series such as Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Buffy, Angel, Bones, Charmed and Doctor Who (Tennant).

I’m a very avid reader since I was a very young age. I started out reading, get this Rainbow Fairies. I couldn't find anything at school that got me interested so I found this great author Daisy Meadow who inspired me and I even wrote a couple of short stories which were quite bad, haha! Ever since then I continued the series and then… The hype of the Twilight Saga (TEAM EDWARD) and that got me hooked onto Dark Romance or anything alike of that genre. I went through all the books of the Dark Romance section/bookshelves throughout Waterstones and have continued there on.

The Book Addicted Girl

Hi, my name is Megan, but most people know me as The Book Addicted Girl. I live in England and created The Book Addicted Girl in December 2010, just 'cause I'm a total book addict and wanted to share that addiction with all of the fellow book lovers out there. I think I've succeeded, because I've met loads of bookish friends. Obviously including Emma - my awesome new blogging partner!

The Book Addicted Girl is my very own place to ramble. I ramble a lot! I love rambling. I mainly read YA books. Don't know what it is about YA, but it'saddictive! I've recently discovered the New Adult genre, though, and I have really fallen in love with NA now! I'm a huge fan of everything paranormal - it's my favourite genre! - but I read anything and everything from classical novels to books for nine-year-olds to crime thrillers to books in French. I'd tell you what my favourite books are, but that would take forever! Instead I'll tell you that I read a lot and love way too many series... I also have way too many book boyfriends: I'm so addicted to the snarky, bad-boy type!

I'm currently 17 and just about to start my A2 year (English Lit, French and Sociology). My family call me "special in the head" which basically means I'm crazy. I should probably be offended by that, but it's true. Other than reading, I love to write (currently working on a YA paranormal trilogy - fingers crossed!), spend time with family and friends, make book-related fanpics and sew. I'm also addicted to crime shows on TV - some of my faves are Law and Order: SVU, Castle, NCIS, CSI and Criminal Minds. I love Supernatural to bits too - and, obviously, Buffy and Charmed! 
Of course, my main love is books. I buy them compulsively. I stroke them. I collect them like a little nest egg. And I blog about them. That, really, is what I'm about. And I hope I can share my love with all of you. :)

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